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Why PR helps SEO strategies

Interest in search engine optimization ( SEO ) and public relations (PR) is growing rapidly.

Public Relations (PR) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are not only complementary, they are essential to business growth today. Combining these two strategies can increase website traffic, increase your company's trust and awareness, and consequently increase your sales.

Today, we introduce how PR can help your SEO strategy.

SEO and PR

SEO and PR have something in common. Both of them aim to increase brand awareness.

SEO is a technique and strategy to increase the visibility of a site in search engines. PR aims to deliver corporate messages to various readers and raise corporate awareness.

SEO strategies include strategies to identify which content will be useful to your customers, making your website highly cited and attracting visitors from the industry.

Likewise, PR is a strategy to increase awareness by allowing news to be reported through third parties with credibility such as reporters, bloggers, influencers, and customers.\

1. Press release is effective backlink building strategy

'Backlink Building', which creates links from external websites to your website, is a very important SEO strategy.

One of the representative ways to make a lot of backlinks is to release a press release.

If your organization, such as a company, has launched a new product, won an award, or held an event, it is a good idea to distribute press releases in a timely fashion. We recommend that you add a website link to the press release.

When a website address is exposed in a news article, there are quite a few readers accessing the company website through this link. If you cite a press release and your article does not have a website address, you may ask journalists to add the website address.

In addition to journalists, strategies for distributing press releases to bloggers and influencers are also needed. Website links are exposed on websites, social media, blog posts, etc. and attracting many visitors has a positive effect on SEO.

2. Exposing search engines through proposals for planning articles dealing with trends

It's not easy for our product page to appear at the top of search engines amongst many competitors. In this case, instead of improving the SEO of the company's product page, it may be more effective to approach a reputable media or blog through a press promotion strategy that suggests a planning article for the company's product.

For example, if company A sells an electric bike, you can suggest that you give a specialty bike or blogger a plan article or blog post titled '10 popular bike models of the year'.

Since the media mainly deals with trend changes and issues, it is effective to promote through the proposal of planning articles. Readers are very interested in the changes that are happening now or in the future in various aspects such as fashion, career, leisure, and life. If your product is introduced as a remarkable example in a trend change, it can become a bigger article.

The best way to propose a planning article is to offer it directly to journalists or bloggers in your field through email or social media.

Journalists regularly write product review articles and often conduct case studies. They also find products to be included in seasonal gifts or product announcements. It is effective to find and propose such reporters.

Please refer to the Newswire blog post ' 6 Ways to Propose Planning Articles to the Media ' for how to write a planning article .

3. Improving SEO scores by posting highly reliable sites

One thing to keep in mind when integrating PR and SEO strategies is to consider the authoritative scores of the websites you target. Search engines look more quality than the amount of backlinks. The more links you have from a website with good authority and a trusted reputation, the more it will have a positive impact on SEO.

Most online media have high authority scores online. Therefore, if a link flows from one of the media websites to the website, it will have a positive effect on SEO.

When a company's product or service is exposed at the top of a search engine, customers unconsciously believe that it is a service that many people use and can trust. At this time, if a positive image is planted through the PR strategy to the customer, the chance of clicking on our company link and purchasing the product increases.

Don't forget that SEO and PR strategies are synergistic when executed together.

Spend! Win! Earn!

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