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WiMix joins Naver Business Platform as a block partner

WeMade Tree (each CEO Kim Seok-hwan, Oh Ho-eun) announced on the 10th that it has signed a business agreement with Naver Business Platform (CEO Won-ki Park, NBP).

This business agreement was made to activate blockchain game and platform services, and NBP is joining WMEIX, a blockchain game platform built by Wemade Tree, as a block partner.

As a block partner, we are the governance program of Wimix, and NBP plans to cooperate in various fields such as platform-based technology, IT infrastructure, and platform operation of Wimix and create business synergy.

NBP is Naver's IT specialized company that supports the entire IT infrastructure including Naver, Line, Snow, and other affiliates' security, cloud, and IDC services, and provides the enterprise cloud ``NAVER Cloud Platform'' as of April 2017. Is doing. Wimix plans to provide stable service environment to users by utilizing NBP's'Naver Cloud Platform'.

An NBP official said, "We expect to make a great contribution to the development of the domestic blockchain industry through a partnership with Wimix, which is leading the popularization of blockchain-based games."

On the other hand, as the Wimix block partner, the public blockchain platform'Clayton' developed by Ground X, a Kakao's blockchain technology subsidiary with over 50 million users, and a large Chinese service provider of the mobile game'Dotop Electric' boasting 200 million users Game company'Longto Game', 500 million users''Legend of Mir 2'IP (intellectual property rights) business and copyright protection, and IP Electric in China, a subsidiary of Wemade subsidiary'Electric IP', have already participated.

"We expect to be able to complement various capabilities related to the platform by joining the block partner of this NAVER business platform, and through this, we expect to be more resilient to the blockchain business." "I think that the possibility of Wimix has been recognized, as representative IT companies at home and abroad continue to participate in the governance of Mix."

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